in all categories, we can be contacted at and we strive to reply to all inquiries within two weeks. if you don’t hear back from us after 2 months, we probably missed your submission so feel free to ping us. we never charge reading fees and we always welcome simultaneous submissions. we welcome artists of all backgrounds and disciplines, and we especially encourage submissions from people of ethnic/racial/ability/gender/sexual minorities.

we advocate for Free licensing, and so in general we strongly prefer to publish works under creative commons by-nc-sa or similar under the author’s name. it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker if you need to use other licensing models, but please mention this in your submission.

thoughts on art

we read essays by artists for artists year-round. we pay $200 (usd) for a typical 1500-2000 word essay. if you have nothing to say, send us a brief pitch, a rough estimate for when you think it could be finished, a little bit about yourself, and some writing samples if they exist.

our primary readership is practicing artists, many early on in their careers. we are generally more interested in fresh arguments and conversation-starters than we are in personal stories. we use the word “art” inclusively of all disciplines. submissions may be specific to one discipline, but should have some common ground with others. in general we are most interested in hearing from practicing creators, regardless of writing experience, who have ideas they are excited to share. if your primary discipline is nonfiction/opinion writing, please consider whether your proposal is aligned with the above.

our general submission process looks something like:

  1. author sends us a proposal
  2. we accept and agree on a publication timeline and payment
  3. 1-2 weeks before the planned publication date, author sends us a draft ready for editing
  4. editors and author go back and forth with edits
  5. we publish, author gets paid

please note that we don’t ask you to write and submit a completed essay for your initial submission, as that would be very unfair to you. if you have an article ready to go and you want us to consider it, we’re happy to do so, but please don’t write something just for us without checking whether it’s a good fit first.

anonymous reviews

we read and publish anonymous show/book/exhibition/etc reviews year-round. if you have something to say, see the dedicated page here.


we are not currently open to poetry submissions. if, however, you are involved in generative and/or dynamic poetry, we’d love to hear what you’re up to.