all these urban fields

poems by loisa fenichell

Front cover of 'all these urban fields'

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Loisa Fenichell’s poems are fierce and precise, tiny daggers that will cut a hole in what you know to reveal inner layers to hunger, yearning, and the body’s transformations. The questing spirit who inhabits these pages goes on wandering and observing, while the poems, like finely-calibrated instruments, chart the delicate weather of emotions as these develop and change within the context of human relationships. Earthy yet numinous, made vivid with the details of lived experience yet made urgent by a romantic yearning for transcendence, this radiant collection will seize the reader from its first words and hold fast.

Monica Ferrell

country song for the ages
Doll-sit, cold, this blue gown is all for―kill the man.
Crave the beast. Hunt the wild. Sinner-boy comes calling
for me to go forth like a bellied-bear. Nothing haunts him.
He sits pissed upon his haunches, drinks nothing but milk.
Mother wishes to murder him with her stained hands.
I am dragon-infested, slumber-eyed, lake-sat
amidst the cooled moss. Sinner-boy, I have undone the gown
while the moss still cools like rockcliff.
The lake still arrives unraveled. Consider our own romance
is linear as stomachache. Virus of the throat
reminds me that dead bitch is still surrounded by flies.
She was my bitch: a good dog does good deeds.
Consider I am on my way to you carriage-style: so very good.
Back cover of 'all these urban fields'

about the author

Loisa Fenichell is into rooftops, and balconies, and finding warmth wherever she can in the rather strange metropolis (NYC) she now finds herself living in. She attended SUNY Purchase, where she studied Creative Writing and Literature. Her work can be found in various publications, both online and in print, such as Winter Tangerine Review, Electric Cereal, The Rising Phoenix, Boston Accent Lit, Gandy Dancer, Italics Mine, Pink Monkey Magazine, Bottlecap Press (online blog), and Porridge Magazine. Her website is at

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